Buy, Create, Convert your Restaurant
into a Franchise

Services for Franchisors and Franchisees - International Franchise Expansion & Development

FGB presents a franchisor’s business model and materials to selected potential single franchise owners or master developers. FGB recruits, interviews, and screens, per franchisor’s criteria, each potential candidate that will live and breathe the brand’s culture prior to submitting such candidate(s) to the franchisor for consideration.

FGB produces prospective franchisee profiles, which facilitates communications and meetings between franchisors and prospects and saves valuable time for the franchisor. Advises franchisor on recommended actions to roll out their brands internationally. Helps coordinate activities of additional professionals to ensure a timely closing. Coaches franchisor to land safely internationally, averting common international mistakes.

Services For Franchise Buyers (Future Franchisees)

Do you want to buy a franchise or open a franchise restaurant?

  • Conducting deep research and analysis on successful, “Ready-To-Franchise” brands. Providing Pros and Cons of buying franchise rights for particular brands.
  • Identifying well established, popular and successful franchises.
  • Providing ongoing support in restaurant management, operations excellence, restaurant design, menu offerings and brand expansion and development (Additional Service).
  • Developing detailed strategic planning assistance for rolling out your brand’s launch, vision, and development roadmap.

Turn your Restaurant into a Franchise

Franchising in the restaurant industry is one of the most proven methods for achieving unit growth and expansion. Franchising is a tried-and-true strategy for restaurants looking to grow.

Franchising is selling the instructions to clone your restaurant to others so they can open and operate a restaurant exactly like yours. You get the benefit of multiple locations for brand recognition and additional revenue streams. Most franchisors provide assistance, training and cooperative marketing to their franchisees. FGB can help you with the essentials of getting your brand ready for franchising.

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