Restaurant Performance Management

Restaurant Evaluation

360 degree evaluation of menu offering, staff skill level, kitchen management and operation, marketing effort, guest experience, profit and loss and outlet positioning

Food Cost Reduction

Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in food costs, but at the same time improving food quality. This is a unique approach (normally, lowering food costs leads to inferior quality, but with us you actually get better quality).

Talent Sourcing

Providing you with the right talent at the front and back of the house.

Optimizing Productivity

Optimizing productivity instead of reducing the number of staff members.

Effective Marketing Tools

Providing several low- or even zero-cost marketing tools that generate in-revenue growth and personalization.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

We instill independent restaurant thinking and entrepreneurial thinking into your operations.

Restaurant Repositioning

Renovation and / or repositioning of your outlet.

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth – we deploy low-cost tactics that result in quick revenue growth.

Profit and Loss Analysis

Deep analysis of your PnL while providing solutions that result in better profits and huge savings

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