Supply Chain &
Food Export

Helping food manufactures sell their products in international supermarkets, restaurant chains, cafes, and hotels through high profile distribution companies.

FGB helps food manufactures in exporting high-quality food and grocery products from North America to rapidly growing markets in the Middle East, The Arabian Gulf Countries, Asia, and Africa.

Since 2014, we’ve helped Canadian and US food manufacturers and producers expand their markets and find new customers internationally and within North America.

We have a large and reputable network of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and distributors in local markets who are looking to add new products to their portfolio or want to source quality food items.

U.S. suppliers are known for products that are high-quality, safe, innovative, and consistent.

The Middle East, Africa, and Asia are excellent markets for US products.

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Our Services

Supply Chain & Food Export

FGB helps North American food producers grow their revenue by expanding their distribution internationally and from new customers, distributors, operators, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Local Adaptation

We understand the intricacies of North American menu adaptation to local country requirements.

Labeling & ingredient review

We provide key knowledge in export and import labeling requirements, food, and ingredient review necessary for local health authority requirements and customs clearance.

Approvals & Documentation

We help guide you through local health authority, Halal, and Kosher accreditation and certification. We work with our clients to complete export and import documentation.

Product Marketing

We market your products to future clients through our large customer network. We help you with marketing your products through social media, telemarketing, email marketing, industry events, and exhibitions, if requested.


FGB provides sourcing options in the areas of food, small-wares, and kitchen equipment.

We Support Several Companies

Featured Client Success Story

FGB Helps Land 220-store Contract

FGB was instrumental in securing a major supply contract for Caffe D’arte and Cafe Capris with the Great Harvest Bread Company restaurant chain.

Caffe D’arte dramatically increased its sales, brand awareness, and distribution while allowing The Great Harvest Bread Company to offer higher quality coffee and value to the delight of its franchisees and customers.

Mike Ferretti

Chairman and CEO of Great Harvest

“In 2015 we hired Franchise Global Brands ( FGB) to assist us with international franchising and supply chain. We were very pleased with FGB’s level of service. FGB helped us secure a valuable supply chain deal in the coffee business with very good pricing, great product, and great service. I highly recommend FGB.”

Mark Schuur

President Café D'arte

“Caffe D’arte LLC hired Franchise Global Brands in 2016 to assist us in introducing our brand to appropriate retailers and franchise groups. We have had several successful ventures and are still working with concepts and relationships that FGB brought to the table. FGB’s team were highly engaged with us to learn as much about our company as possible and followed through with outstanding service – FGB assisted us with developing the appropriate marketing presentations and targeting the best retailers for us to pursue and gave us the personal attention and creativity we needed to position ourselves for success. I highly recommend their services.”


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